Evan Paul Auto Capital

EPAC’s Innovative Auto Lease is designed for clients with no SSN and/or little to no credit history looking to save on taxes and build credit.




No Credit History Required

We look past little credit or no credit. All our decisions are made in-house.


No Social Security Number Required

We do not require a social security number.


Establishing Credit

We give you the liberty to report or not report your purchase. If you choose to report to a credit agency, we will work with your trusted agency.


Get Approved in advance

Don’t have a car in mind yet? Get pre-approved and we can work with yours sales specialist to find your next car.


Change Cars Easily

Change cars as often as you wish.


Flexible Loan Terms

We offer flexible loan terms and re-finance options.


Save on taxes

No need to pay tax on the full price of the car.

How it works

Submit an application for the car of your choice.

An EPAC representative will be in touch shortly.

Close with confidence, we'll do what it takes to get you into the car as quickly as possible.

Typical Lease:

Drive off typically based on 25-30% down due at signing. A security deposit is not required for these lease terms.


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